More Women in Britain Suffering Post-Trauma Stress after Giving Birth

An increasing number of women are asking for cesarean sections because their first deliveries caused them to suffer from post-traumatic stress syndrome.

About 30% of British women suffer from trauma and 9% have symptoms of post-traumatic stress syndrome after giving birth for the first time, which may explain why they want to have c-sections for subsequent births. Dennis Campbell of the Great Britain National Health Service told the London Guardian that over the past few years “The number of mothers who have asked for an elective caesarean with their forthcoming child, because they suffered trauma the last time, has risen 40%.” He did not provide official statistics, however.

Some experts explain the increase in traumatic births to the inability of the British healthcare system to provide enough professionals, including midwives, to help women deliver their babies.

Louise Silverton, deputy general-secretary of the Royal College of Midwives, said that the rate of c-sections is now 25%, compared to 9% in 1980, and that is an “unacceptably high” figure. She created controversy when she said that young women today are unprepared to endure the trauma of childbirth and want to control it through elective surgery.