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Child Abuse Impairs an Individual Long Past Childhood

The effects of child abuse do not disappear when the child becomes an adult. In fact, a recent study using the brain scans of abuse victims reveals that chronic stress levels caused by child abuse can severely damage adult bodies and minds. Those who have been abused as children face a greater risk of psychological […]

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Kids Directly Exposed to School Shootings More at Risk for PTSD

The recent school shooting outside Cleveland has left many students traumatized after three students were killed and two others were injured, according to a recent news article. Even if a student was not physically injured in the mayhem, they still may suffer the psychological scars of grief and guilt.

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Effects of Domestic Violence on Women

Women who are victimized in a battering relationship can have multiple problems that are a direct result of such abuse. These problems can affect all aspects of functioning and can be short-lived or chronic. The following is a list of possible effects of domestic violence upon women. While this is not a comprehensive list, it […]

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