Welcome Relief For Veterans

There may be new hope for veterans who suffer from nightmares associated with Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). A study recently released shows that prazosin, a drug commonly used to treat high blood pressure, may also stop the traumatic dreams that often come with PTSD.

The drug has been so successful in clinical trials that it has stopped the nightmares altogether. Once the patients quit taking the drug, the nightmares returned.

This drug serves as a relief for PTSD sufferers from the reoccurring nightmares as well as from the alcoholism, drug addiction and suicidal thoughts that often accompany them.

To have a controlled drug that is known to help could be life-changing for those who have had, until now, no other form of successful help available. To suffer with PTSD alone can be difficult enough, but the side effects that come with it cause another realm of distress.

Another positive from the prazosin trials is that there were very few side effects from the drug and most patients who took it got along well and experienced quick relief. Once the clinical trials are finalized, prazosin may be readily available for patients who suffer with PTSD.

For a soldier to have to leave his or her family for an extended time, the last thing one would want to worry about upon their return home would be the side effects from their previous combat experiences. With the rates of veterans who come home with PTSD increasing, to have some sort of relief to offer them is promising.